Why is digital marketing important? 5 things you must know

08Oct, 2019

“4.1 billion Internet users across the world at the end of December 2018.”

“Asia takes the lead as a continent with the highest Internet users, accounts 49% of the total.”

The onset of internet has given a new dimension to the concept of marketing. Earlier, marketing was all about making an offer to the audience. But today, digital marketing has redefined this concept. It stresses on making the ‘right offer’ at the ‘right time’ to the ‘right audience’. With the widespread of internet, handling customers online via social media and other digital platform is rewarding. Companies today are connecting their target audience using informative blogs and impressive websites to give an edge to their business. It is why digital marketing has come up as an indispensable part of marketing for any business irrespective of its scale.

Let us explore what digital marketing is all about!

What is Digital Marketing?

A marketing strategy which uses the digital channels to reach the potential audience of any business is known as digital marketing. There are many channels such as emails, web applications, social media, search engines and mobile apps which are used under digital marketing depending on the nature of your business.

It is interesting to know that digital marketing as a concept was launched more than 100 years ago when the first radio was invented. Digital marketing has been around for decades, but the concepts like content marketing, social media, Google ads, or retargeting were missing.

From creating a foundation for your business to attracting prospects and nurturing relationships, a perfect digital marketing strategy plays a vital role in developing customer loyalty and making relevant offers to the customers.

Today, digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing with its versatility to reach target audience precisely. Do you know, most of the purchase decision begins online?

More than 2/3 shoppers browse online. 76% of baby care product shoppers purchase online atleast once or twice a month. The best thing is more than 1/3 purchases made online are impulse buys and the credit for this goes to the digital marketing.

As we know, digital marketing is a systemized approach of targeting your audience precisely. Effective digital marketing strategies need in-depth knowledge and analytical skills. A digital marketer is a professional who has in-depth knowledge and required qualifications about digital marketing which are beyond basic marketing strategies.

Let us explore the role of a digital marketer and his role in enhancing awareness about the brand in the digital space:

What does a digital marketer do?


The role of a digital marketer includes the development, implementation and management of various marketing campaigns to promote a specific business as well as its products/services. From enhancing brand awareness to driving website traffic in the digital space, a digital marketer is primarily responsible for the success of various digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketer is responsible for identifying and evaluating various digital technologies. He is responsible for using multiple web analytics tools to yield better ROI on various marketing campaigns.

Digital marketer is also accountable for driving relevant customers, measuring website traffic, improving brand recognition and gaining customer trust to drive their purchase intent. Here are the 9 important skills which a successful digital marketer possesses to deliver the exceptional results:

  • Social Media Handling: Social media is one of the best ways to reach the target audience and create brand awareness. Social media skills and community managements are essential aspects which can generate massive business for any organization.


  • Mobile Marketing: About 48% of internet users are using mobile devices and searching for relevant services using smartphones. It is crucial to make the right mobile marketing strategies to untapped the potential customers in this context.


  • Data Analysis: to understand the extent of success of any digital marketing strategy, data analytics is a valuable tool. It also helps to understand customer behaviour and their purchasing preferences.
  • Email Marketing: It is the best way to nurture a relationship between your existing customers and update them about the bus
  • Business goals and offerings:A dynamic email marketing campaign is the result of right strategies, right tools and right metrics

  • Editing and writing skills: Content forms the heart of marketing. He should be able to interact with the target audience with the appropriate content to convince them of an action desired by business.
  • CRM Skills: It is essential to customize the customer experience to give an edge to the business from its competitors. Empathy and great communication skills are the two most vital aspects which constitute CRM skill set.
  • Basic Design Skills: It is vital to have the necessary knowledge about the design principles. It helps to maintain a dynamic website which can attract and hold the customers to understand what a specific business is all about.
  • SEM and SEO skills: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the two indispensable tools which drive the traffic to any website. It result in better digital marketing strategy execution and listing the website at higher rankings.
  • Listening Skills: Understanding the target audience of any business and addressing them in the right way with the appropriate information and design to generate the interest of potential customers.

With these key skills, a digital marketing can largely contribute to the business goals of optimizing revenues by hitting the ‘right target audience’ at the ‘right time’.

Digital marketing is detailed study of analyzing the customer preferences and buying behavior. Hence, it is very important to understand the working mechanism of digital marketing to devise the best marketing strategies. But what are the tools which help digital marketing to serve businesses?

In the next segment, we are going to explore more about the working mechanism and the tools of digital marketing!

What is digital marketing and how it works?



As more and more buyers are purchasing online, the buying pattern has changed drastically over last few decades. Digital marketing has been crucial for every business considering the shift in the buying pattern of the consumers from traditional brick and mortar to online.

“The retail sales on account of the internet in 2018 was $2.84 trillion.”

“In the second quarter of 2019, E-commerce sales accounted for 10.7% of the total sales at $139.7 billion.”

“There was an increase in sales from Q1-2019 to Q2-2019 by 8.3%.”

(Data source: https://www.census.gov › retail › mrts › www › data › pdf › ec_current)

Hence, every business needs to understand the importance of digital marketing as well as how it works to make smarter decisions. Let you explore what digital marketing do for my business:

Here are some of the tools which contribute to the success of digital marketing:


  • Website Marketing

A website is often referred to as the cornerstone of digital marketing. It gives the first impression about the organization and states the objectives, goals, services and products of the company to its target audience. An appealing website attracts, engage and contribute the lead conversions.

A website which has a user-friendly interface, intuitive layout and is mobile friendly tends to attract large customers as compared to the website which does not possess such qualities. A website optimized and designed for conversions reaches its target audience efficiently.

  • Search engine Optimization

In this digital age where 71% of customers start their buying journey by referring the search engines like Google, the search engine plays a vital role. More than 50% of the searches account for the top three search results. Search Engine Optimization is the process of appealing the search engines to gain a higher ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It boosts the visibility of your business and attracts organic traffic.

  • Content Marketing

The content assets play a vital role in stimulating the interest of your potential customer. With an impeccable content which focus on relevancy to the business. Content helps to drive the leads to sales funnel by understanding the target audience. Engaging content is an effective way to draw your potential audience. By providing the required information, content marketing attract the prospects to sastify the requirements of specific audience. Some of the relevant forms of content marketing are as follows:

  • Case studies
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Email newsletters
  • How-to-guidelines etc
  • Social Media Marketing

Social media channels like twitter, facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have become an important source of targeting your relevant audience and creating awareness about the existence of any business. These platforms are very helpful in generating leads and enhancing customer engagement.

  • PPC Advertising

The value of PPC (Pay-per-click) market is significant when it comes to digital marketing. Every time a new lead click on your advertisement, you need to pay the publisher. But it is a sure-shot way to generate more leads and contributes to your website traffic beside organic traffic. One of the effective PPC ads is Google Ads.

  • Email Marketing

To add a personal touch in your communication with your existing as well as potential customers, email marketing is vital. It is often used to create brand awareness and intimate the audience about the new product/services launch, including special promotions. It boosts the lead conversion ratio as you target only those customers who have ever shown an interest in your business. An efficient email marketing campaign can contribute mainly to augment your client base.

We have seen, how digital marketing contributes to a business with the various tools and gives an edge to any business. But, is it really important for every business? Let us explore what makes digital marketing a significant marketing tool for any business.

Why digital marketing is important for my business?


As the internet has become entwined in our lifestyle, the role of digital marketing has become indispensable in the growth of any business. Several digital marketing agencies like 99 Digital services are guiding the modern business with their expert digital marketing skillset to give an edge to their business. Following are some of the reasons which justify why is digital marketing important or what can digital marketing do for my business:


  1. It reaches where your audience spends Money and Time

According to wordstream,“22% of the world’s population is on Facebook.”

“51% of the Instagram user and 76% of Facebook users use it every day.”

An average user spends approximately 2 hours a day on his social media accounts and holds 7 such accounts. Social media is integrated into every aspect of our life. People admitted that they tend to buy those products which are often advertised on social media.

“48% of the people say they made their last online purchase after watching a Facebook ad.”

(Data Source: https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-advertising-stats/)

  1. Hyper-personalized

With the ability to target down as precise as to the level of an individual, social marketing can influence its target audience with personalization. More than 70% of the customers prefer email, which renders them comfort to sign up to make purchases and know the latest deals. Adding the name and certain other information help your communication to get noticed among your target audience and boost the conversion rate.

  1. Level up the small businesses 

Digital marketing is the best way to compete with large organizations and hold the top ranking positions with smaller budgets. With the relevant data and control, small businesses can make smarter decisions. 99 Digital services give an edge to the small businesses with their local SEO services to target their local audience precisely.

  1. Precise Audience

The best part of digital marketing is its ability to dissect the demographics to super-focus on the audience relevant to a business. Compared to general advertising, digital marketing target people specifically to goal, education level, buying behaviour, profession, education level and many more ways. Social media marketing platforms like Facebook effectively narrow down your target audience.

Above-listed benefits give digital marketing an edge over other marketing tools like Print Media, Radio, and Television. 99 digital services offer up-gradation to the traditional marketing tactics, making it an indispensable tool.

Here are some of the core differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing which makes the former lucrative than the later.

What is Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing?


So, what makes digital marketing a preferred medium over traditional marketing? Why more and more businesses are induced to take up digital marketing to give a competitive cutting edge to their business? Let us explore some facts which make digital marketing a better option over traditional marketing:

Cost Efficiency

Digital marketing is very cost-efficient when compared to conventional marketing. Traditional marketing involves vast investment. Say, a print campaign requires publishing your ad in the newspaper with average chances of reaching your target audience. To reach the audience again, you need to re-print the ad again. But content created on the website stays for years for all the target visitors with no additional cost. 99 Digital services offer competitive packages for digital marketing services.

Advanced Analytics

An advertisement performed on the traditional platforms says TV does not have precise analytics about how a specific Ad performed or how much audience it attracted from one particular ad. All these analytics are précised with the digital marketing campaigns which access accurate ROI for your digital marketing budgets. Free analytics software like Google Analytics gives insight into the various aspects which traditional marketing cannot.

Adding a personal touch

As we already discussed, digital marketing benefits your marketing strategies which is absent in other forms of marketing. For ex: Under email marketing (an indispensable part of digital marketing), a business can send emails with relevant information of the receiver like name and other inputs available to add a personal touch. It draws attention of receiver and persuade them to go through the communication or act on it.


As we know, using digital marketing we can target your audience in a planned and precise way. Say, a billboard is a way to communicate with the every passer by irrespective of their interest. But, digital marketing has various tools to filter down the precise audience which are genuinely interested in your business. It persuades and follow-up with such audience who have higher chances to turn into customers.



With numerable benefits of digital marketing, it has become a significant need of the businesses in the modern economy of today to outreach their customers and create essential brand awareness. The modern buying process starts online. Social media has emerged as the best platform to induce the customers, analyzing their buying behavior and creating brand awareness by the businesses. Hence, it is imperative for a business to maintain an online presence and implement effective digital marketing strategies to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

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