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30Jan, 2020

Landing your website for transportation services at the top in google search is challenging. Yet, it is important to ensure that your business attracts more customers. SEO helps to curate your content such that it grabs the attention of the web crawlers. As per Crazy Egg,  as much as 15% of the leads generated through SEO has led to a successful sales conversion. SEO uses efficient transportation keywords to rank the website higher in the Google rankings. The SEO services company in Delhi put efforts and design your website in such a way that it gathers a large set of visitors.

Why does your logistics company need SEO services?

There are many logistics companies operating in the market. The target audience of all these companies are the same. So, it becomes difficult for the logistic companies to attain customers. Selecting a suitable digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you to boost your logistics business. With the use of the appropriate logistics keywords, the ranking of the page can be increased.

4 Quick SEO Tips To Rank Your Logistics Website

  • Differentiate your value proposition: If you are looking to use SEO for logistics company, you must ensure that the website has differentiated service offerings. Your target keywords have to mention about the specific services that you are offering. If your company is differentiated from the rest in terms of the tools being used, it is essential to target such keywords.

Optimize the website by using the selected keywords in the header, page titles and meta description of your site. It is suggested we have a separate web page for every service being offered by your company.


With a different value proposition, websites with proper SEO optimization provides excellent business growth. With very less investment on your website, the business expansion can happen globally. Providing an excellent return on investment, you can increase the sales of your logistic business through SEO.

  • Generating engaging content: Content marketing is another tool which is important when it comes to SEO for logistics company.


Creating engaging content is important since every bit of the content helps to contribute to the growth of the audience. Generation of content on a regular basis which includes interactive visuals and infographics is a better way to increase Google rankings. Having relevant content is the best mode to gather the audience.

  • Leverage the use of Social Media: Social Media should be leveraged as it is the third important wheel for efficient SEO for logistics company. Using social media to share the latest updates, taking part in engaging discussions and following your visitors can increase the credibility.


Social Media can be used to post about the recent happenings and announcement of your company. It will help to gain consumer attention. A brand value will be created, which will also increase the trust of the consumer.

  • Creating relevant outbound links: Google ensure that users are exposed to relevant and credible content. Using the outbound links increase the credibility of the website. Having outbound links send positive signals to the web-crawlers, thus increasing the credibility of your site.


Using the outbound links improve the reputation of your website. It will increase the visitors, thus the chance of lead generation increases. Having zero outbound links on your website is like reaching a dead end for the user. You don’t want your user to reach a dead end on your website. Outbound links positively impact the site rankings by adding a commercial value for your visitors.

Which is the best company for SEO for logistics company?

When it comes to ranking website on Google, there are many companies that have mastered this skill set. Yet, if you are searching for a professional organization, which has experience of handling the best clients, 99 Digital Services are way better than the rest. Having the global reach and an experience to handle big clients is the USP of 99 Digital Services. Being an ISO certified company with recognitions such as NISC and Google Adwords in their kitty, they are rich with experience. The clients that they have handled include Monash University, Orient Electric and Altair Design, to name a few. Offering services in the domain of SEO and Digital Marketing, they should be your first choice if you are looking for SEO for logistics company.

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