Social Media and SEO: 13 Ways They Work Together To Boost Your Visibility

04Dec, 2019

Social media and SEO can be used in combination to leverage the sales of your product and services. Much evidence has been tapped regarding the exciting connection that social links help to boost SEO of the page. In this article, we list down 13 simple social media ways to improve SEO for your business so that you can rank higher in the Google pages:

  1. Be socially consistent: One of the best ways to optimize your SEO is to keep the description on your website and on your social media handle consistent. It helps in building a link so that the page gets recognized over the media, thus increasing the digital footprint.
  2. Sell the value, not the product: Often sharing of the products and services won’t take the website to a higher ranking, rather sharing about your organization!

Don’t tell them what you sell, tell them how you sell it!

Often, being the market leader is not about selling the best services or the product, but    making people know what you stand for, actually helps in increasing the views of your website. Social media and SEO work hand in hand in increasing the visibility and traffic for your website.

  1. Make them ask why: Often giving the users a strong reason for why they should visit your site helps in building the crowd. Using the right keywords and creating an interest amongst the people related to the content, will encourage people to visit your site.

How often giving a short trailer about your newly launched product?

It can boost the views in your website as people will find it more engaging, thus improving the SEO ranking of your page.

4. Find the appropriate audience:Social Media and SEO can help you segment and target the right audience thus increasing the efficiency of the budget which is spent on your marketing campaign.

5. Be active: One of the major reasons for success over online business is by being active, regularly. It helps in catching the eyeballs and gaining attention amongst the masses. The more people talk about your website, the better will be its growth.

6. Be visually pro-active: Yes, you read it right! With the reduction in online screen attention, the only way to make someone click your website is by posting a visually attractive image. And don’t forget to use the description of the image in the alt tag.

7. Be discoverable: Social Media and SEO partnerships are one of the biggest advantages for social entrepreneurs as the hashtags can be leveraged. Using them appropriately can make you gain more exposure. You can be easily discovered.

8. Pay for the growth: You can be a part of the growth ride by launching unique products and make benefit of what Social Media and SEO have to offer, or you can shell a few bucks and grow your web-hits.

9. Choose the platform: Following the platforms which encourage Do-Follow links to increase the user base to your website. Platforms like Reddit and Pinterest are such examples.

10. Quality check: As they say, content is the king, know that social media boost can only be achieved by posting the best content on your social media handle, which will attract users to your site.

11. Be Quora-smatic: No, you did not read that wrong! Be charismatic on Quora (thanks for the slow claps!) and     answer as many questions about your product and service and don’t forget to create strong backlinks to your website through your answers.

12. Be the chosen one: Often, being selected by one site makes you an automatic selection for other sites, mostly along with a similar domain. Make sure you contact them if you are still not in. Social Media and SEO will allow web crawlers to identify your pages on the web.

13. If you want it all to be done: If you believe that you would rather on the product and services and let affordable SEO services in Delhi manage your social media presence, discover new business opportunities with us, soon!

Social Media and SEO can be utilized in the best ways to increase your business. Make sure you are not too late to catch the train of the growing social media exposure

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